Hello and welcome to the new and exciting world of BDSM, a place where one can explore their fantasies, and develop fulling and lifelong relationships in an warm and welcoming environment. Oh, and a whole lot of kinky sex… well, …

Do’s, Don’ts and Opinions from a Single Male Dominant Read more »

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Ah, so you’ve made it out to a couple of munches and your first play party. Good job! Now what? Likely you witnessed and discussed some pretty cool things, right? Right! Likely you’re really excited. You want to try some …

BDSM Education: What is it? -AND- Where do I find it? Read more »

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I am increasingly concerned by the amount of messages I have been receiving lately from those new to FetLife (mostly young males), offering to do “anything” in an effort to fulfill their fantasies of being a submissive to a Dominant …

The Importance of Vetting for Safety on FetLife Read more »

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