Intro to Skills

The umbrella of BDSM has a wide variety of skills that you (normally) won’t find in a home-ec or shop class. What we do has a wide variety of methods both for different sensations, different experiences and just to spice things up. Most everything that is done can be dialed down to be a soft as a feather or dialed up to use the entire rubber chicken. We will be expanding this section to have some light introductory articles talking about some basic things that you can try out. For more in-depth discussions look into local education focused groups, they have them around the world, to find more hands on and detailed discussions of topics.

  • The Art of Spanking - DISCIPLINE comes in many forms in the kink world. Spanking is just one form, albeit a popular one, it is one of many. There are a a few things that you need to know about this fetish, such as approaching …

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