Preparing for my first Munch- and forming a reasonable expectation

So, you found a munch through Fetlife and you are planning to go- remember, it is just a meal.

  • Dress your level of normal. There can easily be a traditional family of five over in the booth on the other side of your table. Respect them.
  • Respect your server / wait staff.
  • Respect the people around you, both the restaurant clientele and the other folks at the munch.
  • Use your indoor voice
  • Pay your bill and tip your server generously.

So, it comes down to respect- treat the chance for a vanilla meet and greet as a vanilla meet and greet with possibly decidedly kinky conversation (munches may also include the rousing conversation of work, appropriate wedding gifts, what you did last weekend, and even what you read recently) .  Don’t get drunk, keep your hands to yourself, and enjoy meeting people who have something in common with you.  Be personable and have fun.

Hi,  I'm Lucy! I tend to love the essay- a lot. I also love story telling and just sharing my experiences as I see them- usually with a bit of snark and humor in the mix.  I've been active in the VA, MD, DC BDSM scene for about 15 years, as a bottom, a top, a switch, a submissive and a lot of weird stuff in between, I am also a masochist as well as a sadist.  I am a graysexual and can relate to the ACE perspective as well. You can find me on Fetlife as LucyMarshall, feel free to drop me a line!    

2 Comments on “Preparing for my first Munch- and forming a reasonable expectation

  1. This is wonderful information, but I think the writing might be more accurately titled “How can I prepare for my first munch” or “what is expected of me at a munch”. There isn’t much more than “it is just a meal” describing what one can expect from the others present (other than similarly good behavior).