Personal Experiences

We often learn best from others. Articles here are personal stories and reflect the views and experiences of the authors. They are stories of how people got involved or what they have experienced. Coming in new, articles about how things are set up are great but sometimes just hearing the direct reality of what people went through, what mistakes were made and what was learned from it can be very useful.


  • My Experiences With BDSM And Religion - Like most people in the United States of my age group, I was raised in church. Maybe my personal experience with religion is a little different than most people’s, as my father was a Southern Baptist preacher, and I received
  • Body Beautiful - Positive body image and self-love is difficult enough in clothing. Spanx are the foundation and cornerstone of my personal image when I go into the office, along with high heels, well-manicured nails, and lipstick.  I can be brutal about my
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