In this section a group of kinky people from various interests and walks of life will take and try to answer questions from people coming into the scene or interested about it. We all had many questions and concerns when we first got involved, and we are trying to put together a resource to make it easy and non-stressful to find out information. Look at the associated questions to see if yours has already been asked, if not, drop us a line with your question.

Common Questions:

  1. Preparing for my first Munch- and forming a reasonable expectation - So, you found a munch through Fetlife and you are planning to go- remember, it is just a meal. Dress your level of normal. There can easily be a traditional family of five over in the booth on the other
  2. What happens if I meet someone I know at a munch or party? - This is a very common concern for people coming in to the community. If you do see someone at an event you know you have a few options. You say hi or you can just pretend not to know each
  3. So… I found kink after reading 50 Shades of Grey, now what? - The chance of finding a young, handsome, dominant billionaire with a helicopter and a fleet of Audis probably isn’t realistic.¬† I know… I’m sorry. Most likely, if that person did exist (with a distinct lack of childhood abuse and trauma),
  4. I found a BDSM club and I’m going- What should I expect? - When you first go to a BDSM club or play party, there are some basic things you should know. ¬†Here’s a basic primer: Street Legal: show up to the door wearing clothing that you would be comfortable in when walking
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