BDSM Education: What is it? -AND- Where do I find it?

Ah, so you’ve made it out to a couple of munches and your first play party. Good job! Now what? Likely you witnessed and discussed some pretty cool things, right? Right!

Likely you’re really excited. You want to try some of this stuff! But where do you begin? You have no idea how to swing a flogger, wield a cane or crop, or safely run a blade across willing flesh. Well, you’re in luck because in many BDSM communities there are resources to gain the skills you want (and need) to learn.

These resources are usually in for form of BDSM education groups. Some run quite formally with a Board of Directors and a cadre of volunteers; others are run informally and may meet in private residences. The really cool, and really important thing is the education is there.

The formal groups are generally easy to find, they are generally widely known and openly advertise. The informal groups are often a little harder to come by which is why asking around is frequently the best plan. These groups, often run out of private spaces and will generally have more controlled attendee lists but can provide some of the most interesting and focused educational topics.

If you’re on Fetlife -and really you should be by now- search your local area for education resources. If you’ve started attending a munch or local BDSM club ask someone what’s available in the way of education, they will likely be glad you asked and eager to point you in the right direction! And if all else fails, feel free to drop us a line here and we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Lana Kazanova has been doing this thing we call BDSM since 1998 when she found the scene in Atlanta. She has been active in her local Washington DC scene since 2002. Lana identifies as a sadomasochist and an opportunist.