What happens if I meet someone I know at a munch or party?

This is a very common concern for people coming in to the community. If you do see someone at an event you know you have a few options. You say hi or you can just pretend not to know each other. You are both there for the exact same reason. True, if it is a coworker, the office holiday party may never be the same, but you’re adults, right? Act human.  Be polite, be considerate, don’t panic.  Be respectful of each other enough to not discuss it at work or outside of the community.  You both have a lot to lose. The same goes for anyone else you may meet at a play party or munch.  Remember, we’re all human. We have parents, spouses, kids, coworkers, coaches… knowing people is normal.  You’ve just increased the commonalities in your social circle. The same goes for if you meet one of your kinky friends at a normal public location, be respectful. If they are with other people don’t go up and say hi unless they wave first since they may not want to have to explain to their boss, mother, whoever who you are and how they know you. It is just respect for private parts of each others personal lives.

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