Getting Involved

You are dipping your toe in the water. You are starting to get out to events and want to know more about what is out there, what you can get into and what to expect. Read through the topics to learn more about what you are interested in and maybe some things you have not thought about before.

  • Everyone Is New, Sometime - For some of us, attending a kink party for the first time is a nervous and intimidating experience. My first time was with a spanking group that used to be well known in the DC area. I’d found the group
  • Meeting People In The Scene - One of the most common questions for single people coming into the scene new is: “How do I meet people”. For some naturally charismatic, outgoing extroverts this is easy, people just flock naturally to them. For most of us that
  • Getting Involved in Munches and Novice Gateways - Summary: Attending munches and novice gateways are an important means for the new Kinkster to socialize and learn about the social BDSM scene. It is critical for new kinkster to learn how to get involved and act appropriately at these
  • Do’s, Don’ts and Opinions from a Single Male Dominant - Hello and welcome to the new and exciting world of BDSM, a place where one can explore their fantasies, and develop fulling and lifelong relationships in an warm and welcoming environment. Oh, and a whole lot of kinky sex… well,
  • What is Fetlife - If you are new to the BDSM community you may have seen the website Fetlife listed. It may be intimidating or you may not be familiar about it, but it has become an invaluable tool for those involved in BDSM.
  • BDSM Education: What is it? -AND- Where do I find it? - Ah, so you’ve made it out to a couple of munches and your first play party. Good job! Now what? Likely you witnessed and discussed some pretty cool things, right? Right! Likely you’re really excited. You want to try some
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