Body Beautiful

Positive body image and self-love is difficult enough in clothing. Spanx are the foundation and cornerstone of my personal image when I go into the office, along with high heels, well-manicured nails, and lipstick.  I can be brutal about my body image- there are some days with I think “Short, Fat, Femme” could be the best compliment, simply because it ends in femme.  We all have bad body days.  It is normal. Those bad body days, however, cannot keep us from being deserving of awesome play time with our friends, who, lets face it, have the same body image issues we do.  No one is perfectly comfortable in their skin 100% of the time. Creating a nurturing, supportive, and caring environment is what we need to do, not only for ourselves but for everyone around us.  Remember, a lot of people play naked. Very few people are super models. We all get old.

When I play, the Spanx come off. Sometimes stockings, a wide garter belt, a petticoat, and a corset go on- but in a scene- I’m most likely going to get completely naked. My belly will hang out, my arms will jiggle, my seismic thighs will roll and quake.  My ass- my big white hairy ass, will push its wonton self up into the air, begging to be smacked.  That, however, is not what anyone actually sees when I play. When I play, they see my calf muscles straining with the pain, muscles taught, ankles flexed, toes pointed, curved like Matisse’s blue ladies, resplendent in femininity and exquisite agony.  When I play, my partner sees my back arched, my head thrown back in delight, my lips parted, my face flushed as the cane jumps off of my flesh. When I play, onlookers see my breasts bounce and tremble with every strike, and I know it is amazing.  When I play, all of me is amazing. I know this, because I have never seen other people play and thought “wow!  THAT is a giant, hairy, white ass!” I have thought “that is an amazing ass that I get to watch bounce up and down and it belongs to one of the most amazing people on the planet right now!  I am honored to get to watch that ass.”

My makeup will smear, my nails may chip, and I’m going to end my night in some ugly flat footwear, some pants- usually flannel or yoga, a big cushy cozy sweater, and no bra. After the night I have had… I deserve to go home as one of the most amazing people on the planet.  You do too.

Hi,  I'm Lucy! I tend to love the essay- a lot. I also love story telling and just sharing my experiences as I see them- usually with a bit of snark and humor in the mix.  I've been active in the VA, MD, DC BDSM scene for about 15 years, as a bottom, a top, a switch, a submissive and a lot of weird stuff in between, I am also a masochist as well as a sadist.  I am a graysexual and can relate to the ACE perspective as well. You can find me on Fetlife as LucyMarshall, feel free to drop me a line!