The Sadist That Cut the Floor Length Hair: The Abridged Version – An Allegory on Consent

The Sadist That Cut the Floor Length Hair: The Abridged Version

by WhiteTigerPrime

So, here’s the story. I was told that it is true. I don’t know if it actually is or not. Who knows? But the thing is, whether or not the story is actually true, I believe that it could be. So pay attention.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, someplace like Chicago or Los Angeles or Albuquerque, there was a BDSM event complete with classes and demos. In one of the classes was a FemDom Sadist having a discussion about negotiating a scene and how to establish limits for a play scene with someone you do not know. So, the Sadist gives her lecture and then asks for a volunteer from the audience.

A very pretty woman with floor length hair stuck her hand up and the Sadist said, “You’ll do.” So, the woman with the floor length hair went up onto the stage.

The two women discussed the basics of the scene, negotiated limits and set a safe word. Things like blood and permanent marks and such were all discussed and it was agreed that anything not on the off-limits list was okay.

The Sadist chained the woman face-to to a St. Andrews cross, picked up a set of sheers, grabbed the back of the woman’s hair and cut out a big handful of it. The Sadist was standing there with about five feet of hair in her hand. The woman with the hair said nothing. So, the Sadist dropped the hair she was holding, grabbed another handful of hair and cut another big chunk out. At which point, the woman with the lesser amount of hair safe worded. But half of her hair was already on the floor of the stage.

So, the moral of the story? Just because you think that something is so obviously off-limits it doesn’t need mentioning doesn’t mean the other person thinks so. So, be very clear on what your limits are and if you are playing with someone you don’t know, instead of making a list of things which are off-limits, make a list of the things that are okay to do. And then everything else in the world is off-limits.

And if you think something is going wrong, USE your safeword. Doesn’t matter who you are playing with, whether it is a long time partner or a world known kinkster.


-Posted with permission by Lucy Marshall as written by WhiteTigerPrime on Fetlife.

Hi,  I'm Lucy! I tend to love the essay- a lot. I also love story telling and just sharing my experiences as I see them- usually with a bit of snark and humor in the mix.  I've been active in the VA, MD, DC BDSM scene for about 15 years, as a bottom, a top, a switch, a submissive and a lot of weird stuff in between, I am also a masochist as well as a sadist.  I am a graysexual and can relate to the ACE perspective as well. You can find me on Fetlife as LucyMarshall, feel free to drop me a line!