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At we really want a variety of authors to write on a wide variety of topics. Everything we want to focus on is aimed specifically at people who are curious and nervous about getting involved or are just starting to find their way in the scene. We want to keep the site looking fairly unintimidating, professional, and keep the articles focused on education. There are plenty of sites out there with erotica and people’s sexy scene reports we want to focus this on teaching and sharing experiences that will help people get past their nerves, have a better idea what to expect, and avoid some of the problems that we have gone through.

So what are we looking for? We have the post on here with a running list of topics, but if you have some ideas of your own we would love to hear them. Also if a topic has already been written already and you have a different take on it we would love to hear it as well, getting more then one perspective on many of these topics is useful. I know personally when I was first getting involved I read whatever I could get my hands on, and seeing more then one viewpoint on many topics would have been really helpful.

Articles can be short, a few paragraphs covering a specific topic or idea would be great, especially for things we can add to the FAQ. But feel free to have it be a couple of pages if you want, just try to flesh out the idea fully. ‘Communication’ should not be 2 paragraphs, ‘Is it ok to take pictures in the no picture zone’ probably would be fine to keep brief.

While we are trying to keep the overall tone and look professional it does not mean that all of the articles have to be serious and emotionless. They can be personal, they can be funny, go with what tone fits the topic the best and suits your message. We are trying to focus on a variety of authors so a variety of styles is a positive in this case. Finally it is

We also would love to be able to share material that you have authored and have permission to use elsewhere. We happily repost fetlife writings and even book excerpts that the authors have granted us permission to use. Please make sure if you are sharing something you wrote for a magazine or another website that you retain the permission to have it published elsewhere. We will cite the original location it was published at as well but we need to make sure that permission is fully granted.

One other thing to add, we do have a bit of editorial standards we are trying to follow. What is alright on fetlife with sharing links to other kinksters or private information we try to avoid having on the site since it will get indexed from google and other sites and we don’t want to give people unwanted attention. Also since we are trying to keep the site from being biased for or against any particular groups or organizations and to keep the content fairly focused on the education there may need to be some other edits. Any edits to the article will be sent back to the author to confirm them. The goal with changes is not to change the message of your writing at all, just like with any site or publication just to make things fit the guidelines.

Then there is the article credit. When you submit an article I will ask for two other pieces of information, one is a name you would like to be shown as having credit for the article. Some people want their fetlife name, others choose to use something that separates them a bit, it is up to you. The other is a bio, this can be as short as you want or up to 3-4 paragraphs. Feel free to use that to talk about yourself, do self promotion or promote projects you are involved with or even link to relevant things you may have for sale (books, toy shop, what have you). We don’t financially compensate authors, because we are not making money either, but we do give a platform to hopefully help people market themselves.

Lastly, if you want to write directly for the site, it is written in blogging software, we can set you up with a login to write directly on the site and manage your own material, ‘guest blogger’ as it were. Right now all articles are going into the specific categories, there could be discussions for other channels as well.

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